Sargasso/Bayerischer Rundfunk

John Palmer ''Koan, Still, Satori''
Genre: modern avant-garde

including: Das Neue KammerTrio
Carsten Johannes Hustedt, flute
Andreas Gerhadus, viola
Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann, guitar

The three acoustic works presented on this CD all reflect John Palmer's profound engagement with Japanese spiritual and aesthetic tradition. 'Koan' is a rare encounter between shakuhachi and chamber orchestra. Performed by the ComeT ensemble and Teruhisa Fukuda, one of the few great shakuhachi virtuoso soloists. In 'Still' bass flute, viola and guitar create a meditative mood before the sparse solo harpsichord of 'Satori' brings the journey to an end.

The music is wonderful. I have been listening with intensity and delight at all levels, enjoying the rich sonorities, structures, intricacies, inventions and insights. I guess being a Buddhist as well as having some background in Japanese music helps, but I am sure the appeal must be immediate to most listeners, and in any case there's so much to gain from repeated hearings!
Michael Barrett, Sasakawa Foundation

I love the CD. I have not heard contemporary music which is that much alive in a long long time. I feel that John Palmer's music comes out not only of an intellectual state, but has a very close connection to the body. This shows how he deals with form, rhythm, and especially sound. It is all very complex (good music has to be!) but it can all be felt. John Palmer's music shows so much capacity of liveliness that there will always be something to take over into one's personal life.
Katharina Olivia Brand, University of Heidelberg


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